Why Glass Weed Pipes Aren’t Optimal For Tobacco

 Have you ever looked at someone puffing away with their old, classic looking churchwarden pipe made of wood, and wondered why it is that glass weed pipes don’t do the trick for tobacco smokers? There’s some very solid reasoning behind this that I’ll explain in this article.

    The first and biggest reason has to do with the size and shape of the bowl. You may have noticed that the bowl for any old corn-cob or churchwarden tobacco pipe is way larger, wider, and deeper as opposed to a little glass weed pipe. The reason for this is simple. When you smoke herb out of a glass pipe you want to enjoy the flavor, sure, but your main goal is to torch it to ashes and inhale all the good stuff that’s going to get you feeling nice. That means you only want to add a bit at a time and inhale most of it at once, rather than packing a bunch in and letting some THC filled smoke drift into the air in between your hits. For tobacco pipe smoking it’s the complete opposite actually. The flavor is the priority and you’re not really supposed to ever actually inhale because the natural tobacco that’s used in pipes is much more potent than a cigarette, so it can make you quite sick when inhaled. You can get a nicotine buzz just from it making contact with your gums really.

That means with a tobacco pipe you do in fact want to pack a large, compact bowl. The goal is to light it and puff away until your dense chunk of tobacco stuffed into the bowl begins to smolder and heat itself from within. Then you’re free to relax and puff away without the need for lighting it over and over again like you might have to do with your green herb pipe. There’s other reasons relative to the flavor of the tobacco when passing through wood instead of glass, as well as the shape and length of the stem, but the bowl is the most essential difference.