How safe is Maruti Baleno?

Regardless of the design, engine capacity, or fuel efficiency, if a car does not have adequate safety features, it is just a disaster waiting to happen. Do you know that besides the frontal airbags, an ideal vehicle should have curtain airbags to protect the head when there is a sudden impact? The curtain airbags should drop from the roof to protect your head from whiplash. Vehicles are tested for crashes to prove their safety capability, and the Maruti Baleno is no exception.

Luckily, the vehicle has the most recent and best safety features. It has the disc brake and the rear drum brake for the anti-lock brakes that come in handy when you have to stop the car suddenly. The restraints prevent the car wheels from locking up, and the vehicle cannot skid. The company uses the ABS with the electric brake distribution to make them stronger.

The Maruti Baleno is secure with the central locking and anti-theft alarm. The central locking, passenger and driver airbag, crash sensor, rear seat belts, engine immobilizer, and child safety locks boost safety. The sensors warn if another vehicle or object is too close. The cameras on the rearview mirror alert you with an alarm. It is fitted with the electronic stability control which prevents the car from spinning and sliding sideways, out of control as you make a turn at high-speed or when you abruptly swerve.

Engine performance and fuel economy

The one litter three-cylinder Boostrejet engine is the main reason for buying Maruti Baleno. The engine’s torque is 99 hp and 150 Nm. The engine’s lag is low even at low speeds, and at high rates, it is a good performer. On top of that, power delivery is linear while acceleration is brisk.  The gearbox works efficiently with the short throws and precise shifts. The clutch is very light which is good since even on high traffic, driving the Maruti Baleno should be effortless.  Whether you are driving on the highways or at low speeds, the Maruti Baleno’s performance is adequate. The vehicle has a light weighted steering system easy to maneuver between traffic jams. In its segment, the Maruti Baleno wins. It is more fuel-efficient, and any enthusiast for engine performance should go for it.


The Maruti Baleno is among the best Marutis in the market. It has a sturdy exterior, and it comes with a spacious interior, but the build quality is wanting. The overall driving experience is lively making it an excellent choice for traffic jams or high way drives. Maruti Baleno delivers on what matters the most price and fuel efficiency.

On safety, Maruti Baleno is compatible with six airbags which is an attractive safety measure. The safety package includes the standard dual airbags, and ABS fitted with EBD. It is spacious, with a cabin space enough to comfortably accommodate five adults.

For such a price, Maruti Baleno is the best deal mainly with the projector headlamps with DRLs, UV cut glasses, electrically foldable ORVMs, reversing camera, to mention a few.