Business Catering: The Art of Serving Corporate Clients

Food has held its rank in the corporate setting for centuries. Over the recent years, companies have been moving beyond taking simple decisions maker out for a great meal. They have been increasingly opting to bring food into the business for many reasons.

Right from pharmaceutical sale representatives planning to secure a meeting with a medical practitioner to corporate training intending to feed the trainees attending their sessions, corporate catering is booming. Technomic estimates that corporate catering is about 21 billion industry yearly in the United States. It presents a big opportunity for restaurants to enhance their historically slower “9 to 5” income team. That means customers looking for Manhattan corporate catering can get these services easily.

There are a few things you should know about corporate catering. For instance, you should understand how corporate catering differs from traditional catering and how it could be helpful to your business. Here is everything you need to know.

Corporate catering vs. traditional catering

Corporate catering is simply catering exclusively working for specific professionals. Note that this is not just limited to the average corporate office. Instead, it spans off-site meetings and conferences, construction sites, and probably surprising places such as truck stops for truck drivers who on duty.

Though you require means to deliver great food, corporate catering doesn’t need all the whistles and bells traditional catering requires. For instance, you don’t need white-glove staff to clean up events or set it up. After all, most businesses are looking for family-style meals or even drop-off food.

A large number of people who hire corporate catering services are salespeople who travel regularly and don’t have other options. To attract the attention of these clients, most restaurants turn to corporate catering marketplaces. By partnering with such businesses, your brand can easily be found online, and that will make it easier for your clients to place an order online without investing in ordering tech.

How corporate catering can improve your company culture

When it comes to enhancing your corporate culture, ping pong and pale ale are not going to cut it. While these perks have their place, if you are serious about your company, you must invest in your team. Here is how corporate catering can help improve your company culture.

Morale booster

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that business catering can make your employees happy. A survey conducted by the United States grocery service known as Peapod, happy employees are those with access to snacks at work. According to the study, 66 percent of employees with access to free food said that they are very happy at their workplaces.

Productivity plus

Business catering can help a company’s team increase their productivity in so many ways. For beginners, by offering great food options at the workplaces, the team will not have time to waste standing in line at a local restaurant.

Corporate catering is also important particularly when it comes to the quality of food. What your employees eat has a direct impact on their cognitive performance. That means a great snack can turn a lazy day to a highly productive one.